What is wrong with teenagers nowadays?

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nitya singh asked 09-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by nitya singh
What is wrong with teenagers nowadays?

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Anonymous User answered 03-May-2018 by Anonymous User
Here I have come up with the list of things which seems to be wrong with the teenagers nowadays:

Using abusive and slang language
What is wrong with teenagers nowadays?

Teenagers these days abuse so often that sometimes it feels like they have made up a new language where those abusive words are justified to be said. This is the mainstream things which I personally hate the most about the teenagers these days. The irony is in the fact is that most of them think by using those words in conversation will make them sound them cool. I don’t think any intellectual will ever consider it as a cool act.  

Unaware and don’t wanna understand the importance of money
What is wrong with teenagers nowadays?

Most of the teenager which I have observed personally don’t value how their parents are earning money. Instead of channelizing that money in something futuristically beneficial things they waste that money in hanging out with friends or buying gadgets.

Sometimes they even push their parents for purchasing an expensive gadget for them. Having an interest in gadgets is literally very genuine and common but pushing your parents is no justice if they are not capable of purchasing those high-gadgets.

They don't respect people
What is wrong with teenagers nowadays?

Yes, teenagers nowadays don't give respect to others but they want respect from others. They have lost moral values, manners, and etiquettes. I mean how hard it is to understand that giving respect is the only way you get respected form people around you and when you respect people and things which needs to respect it builds a great character of a particular person.

More into social media networks
What is wrong with teenagers nowadays?

Not only the teenagers but each and every person has now become an addict of social networks. No doubt social networks are independent platforms which allow its users to share any kind of stuff but in reality, most of the teenagers are using this platform for showing their superiority which is creating a different type of negativity among all of us.
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Anamika Srivastava answered 04-May-2018 by Anamika Srivastava
Today teenagers love luxury they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. They contradict their parents cross their legs and tyrannize their teacher they sarcasm the attitude tones the eye roll not to subtle pull down rude behavior all are common experience of parents for teenagers dealing with disrespectful attitude is one of most common issue nowadays While teenagers rudeness can be hurtful for parents and trying to live with them it is actually one of the easier issue to understand and difficult for parent to overcome with these issues
Social media is a waste of time for teenagers but each and every one wasting time in social media and become an addict of social networks the challenge with a current generation is that the view social media platforms as place of having funs apart from social media one things teenagers needs to release is that get a lot of business from the social media accounts they create.
TEENAGERS feels the needs to become more popular through other channels like music films are often under great stress to become acceptable and become popular and this is because the restless fear of failure all are planted.
Now days, parents work very hard to provide best of things available today teenagers need a new smartphone need a extra pocket money need a new pair of jeans.
If Teenagers need extra pocket money encourage them to find a part time job. From lawn mowing to house cleaning teen will learn that money is earned with hard work skill and time.
Most of teenagers I have observed personally they do not recognize the dangers of taking drug and drinking alcohol. Educate your teen about the danger. Express your disapproval of under drinking and takings drug
It can go a long way to reducing yours teenagers risk