What are the most common things that people say without really meaning them?

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nitya singh asked 09-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by nitya singh
What are the most common things that people say without really meaning them?

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Anonymous User answered 02-Sep-2021 by Anonymous User
People these days have become really fast and don’t have time to stop and think about the consequences of their actions. That’s why they tend to say a lot of things without truly meaning them.
The most common of everything is Sorry! We often witness people around us saying sorry a lot, but they hardly mean it. Apart from genuine events, they rarely mean their sorry. They often say it to escape from the brutality of the situation.

Another such situation arises at the time of expressing your feelings. People tend to be infatuated or moved by someone’s personality and consider it true love. That’s why we see a lot of I love yous too, floating around. They don’t understand the meaning of sustenance and gratitude behind the word and speak it with the speed of air!

Thank you is another common word that is witnessed being said without any purpose. Just like sorry, people say a lot of thank you even when they don’t mean to express thankfulness for situations.

Apart from these words, there is also a recent trend of intolerance and abusive behavior towards each other. People have become highly intolerant and seek to abuse their fellows even at the slightest issue. They grow violent when their problem isn’t resolved. Sometimes the problem isn’t even genuine. The recent case of a Lucknow girl hitting and abusing a cab driver is the perfect example of fake feminism and growing intolerance.

There are a lot of things people do without meaning them. Sometimes they come with utterly negative impacts too. As humans, we must try to give respect to fellow humans and refrain from saying meaningless things.