What are the conditions for a satellite to be stationary?

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samay srivastava asked 09-Mar-2018 in Science by samay srivastava
What are the conditions for a satellite to be stationary?

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Sanjay Goenka answered 15-Dec-2021 by Sanjay Goenka
For any of the Satellites, the conditions to be in a stationary state is to revolve around that planet as same with the speed as the planet has. Now we can take the example of earth and its Satellites that are present in its outer orbits and will discuss some of the other conditions.

                                                           What are the conditions for a satellite to be stationary?

Conditions of a geostationary Satellite
The Satellite should rotate with the rotation of the earth and the inclination of the Satellite should be Zero in the same sense with the earth’s rotation. It is either west or east.
The position of the Satellite must be above some distance from the earth.

The Satellites period of revolution must be identical to the planet in that case it should be identical with the revolution of the earth. Which inaccurate way it is 23hrs and 56 minutes but in general we usually called it 24 hrs.

The trajectory of the Satellite must be circular and the Satellite must revolve in the earth’s equatorial plane about the axis of the rotation of the earth and as above explained that the inclination should be Zero. Here it means the axis of the circular Satellite must be along the axis of the center of the earth.

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What is a geostationary Satellite?
The Geostationary Satellite is an object in space that looks stationary in the geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) of the earth. The distance of the geosynchronous orbit is 35,786 km above the earth’s equator and follows the rotation of the earth.

All the communication Satellites are placed in the geostationary orbit so that the Satellite antennas don’t have to rotate to track the Satellite in all directions. These Satellites seem to be fixed when watched from the ground of earth.

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