What kind of people changes the world?

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Andy Simon asked 08-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by Andy Simon
What kind of people changes the world?

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Only those men and women are capable of revolutionizing the world who truly and wholeheartedly believe in themselves.

What kind of people changes the world?

One must never step back from the path he/she chooses. If you think you're right you should always believe in yourself and stick to your ideas. There will be many people to mock you, to tell you-you're wrong and that your path will lead to nowhere but failure. Every man in his life tries at least once to do something which is much beyond him, something he believes in. But as the world loves to dwell in crab mentality, people demotivate others and try to throw him off track. Most of us give in to these pathetic appeals of the people and doubt ourselves.

Do all of these men who intend to bring about a change get success?
True heroism is marked not by the intent of one's thought but the conviction of those very few people who have the courage to never give up. If you do something, do it with full conviction and one day your conviction and your persistency will pay off.

Conviction is having enough courage and faith in yourself to stand by yourself and by your cause even when you have no one else standing by you. Standing alone takes courage, and that is the courage that will help you change the world in your own big or small ways. '

The famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam said in his speech on TedX Talks- “Stand alone to stand apart.”
I think this is a very appropriate statement. Only when you stand alone do you get to realise if you have the courage to go ahead. If you do, then congratulations; one day you will succeed. And if you don't….. well then you're one among the common.

I think the essence of my answer can be summarised through the following words delivered by Ralph Waldo Emerson-
“The characteristic of a genuine heroism is its persistency. I think these are the kind of men who change the world. Heroes.
Believe in yourself and never let someone else tell you your purpose. You are the true architect of your life.