How do you tell whether someone is a good person or is just faking it?

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Andy Simon asked 08-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by Andy Simon
How do you tell whether someone is a good person or is just faking it?

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Anamika Srivastava answered 20-Jun-2018 by Anamika Srivastava


   How do you tell whether someone is a good person or is just faking it? 

How do you tell whether someone is a good person or is just faking it?

Well, it is difficult to tell who is nice and who is fake. That’s all we’re really trying to figure out, it seems like such a single concept but when you get dip down into it, it’s actually a lot more complicated than we’d think. It is about meeting new people after you thought all they actually wanted to do was be your friend. It’s about thinking people are being genuine, you’re really nothing more than a stepping stone along their paths.

You’re usually left in the dark wondering where in the hell all these fake people came from or desperately searching just to find some nice ones.
So, now I gonna break it down. It’s almost impossible to find the difference who is nice from who is fake without thinking of a people who have always let you down, when people who just pretend to be your friends, but really weren’t there when it came down to it. They were just so goddamn nice that you figure out they were going to be our friends. But they weren’t.

You must be careful if fake people. They have their own hidden agenda. They are a sleazy little pawn in their own game of life and they will try to use to advance themselves in this rat race to nowhere. They will be these amazing people only for a month or a week and then they show their true ugly selves.
You always see them as they tried to use you,  Every time you fall into the trap of meeting a fake person, you came out the other side, wondering where you missed the signs. You’re well aware of, these people do a damn good job of hiding their fake personality, and even though you’ve all encountered too many of the sort.

Now, I m going to try to break it down to its difference, and give you just a few tell-tale signs of what it looks like and when someone is being genuine and someone is being fake
• Genuine is doing an act of kindness, fake is telling someone about it after.
• Genuine is being a nice person, fake is just trying to be a friend.
• Genuine is being there when you have a call, fake is chewing your ear off.
• Genuine is just being there without any demand, fake is always wanted to be there.
• Genuine is being a kind nice person, fake is being some kind of way.
• Genuine is listening to your stories, fake is always telling unwanted stories.
• Genuine is being good you, fake is only giving it to you good.