How does xenophobia affect people?

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How does xenophobia affect people?

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'When dealing with aliens, try to be polite, but firm. And always remember that a smile is cheaper than a bullet.'- It is a great quote from the movie District 9, outlining the meaning of Xenophobia.

A person is believed to be Xenophobic when he has fear/hatred of strangers. Xenophobia with related symptoms can be caused by an extremely traumatic experience, such as a violent assault by a foreigner, a terrorist attack, or genocide. Medically, it can also be considered an adjustment disorder or regarded as related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whether it is a clinical disease or not, is yet a topic of debate but there have been many health related or mental problems because of Xenophobia.

How it could be spotted? - During the rise of pandemic COVID-19 cases, news was floating around for migrants to “go back where they came from”. This is one of the recent examples of Xenophobia.
This phobia attacks the race, culture, ethnicity, nationality, etc. People start to avoid or hate those belonging to other communities or those who are stranger to them.

Symptoms and impact on people-

How does xenophobia affect people?

These symptoms may affect the people in such a way that they start avoiding social contact or hating anyone stranger to them.

How does xenophobia affect people?


No matter how severe a phobic situation is on any level, it could be treated with some excellent techniques. These are the following:

• Self-help- this includes relaxation techniques such as breathing, yoga, meditation, walking, cycling and visualization methods. Evaluating thought process, known as mindfulness is also helpful in combating phobia.
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- it is a technique where a qualified therapist helps the phobic person to change and cultivate his thinking into the right direction, which is useful in phobia related cases. The process involves desensitization or exposure therapy, where the person is exposed to the trigger until he/she can either manage their symptoms or be symptom-free.
Medication- consulting a doctor/psychiatrist and taking proper medication based on your condition is another way, when you don’t have any other option left.

Xenophobia is a really complex issue that shakes apart the global socio-economic structure and affects the victim through prejudice and demoralizing affects. It becomes emotionally traumatic to be at the receiving end of xenophobia.

How does xenophobia affect people?

Therefore, if you’re the one who is phobic to strangers or hate them, treat yourself as soon as possible. Take medical help to cure yourself because one part of society cannot keep on hurting some other part continuously by being biased.