What are the characteristics of a good religion?

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twinkle das asked 06-Mar-2018 in Spirituality by twinkle das
What are the characteristics of a good religion?

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akriti kashyap answered 28-May-2018 by akriti kashyap
These are the characteristics of a good religion:  
  • Encourage individuals strive for and work towards enhancing themselves.
  • Encourage individuals to demonstrate empathy and regard for, and to help, individuals, creatures and our condition
  • Encourage level headed discussion and dynamic idea. Disciples ought not be required to think something since somebody said as much.
  • Not convert. On the off chance that individuals are intrigued, they will discover you and make inquiries.  
  • Not have any "fallen angel" figure, nor an unceasing or red hot "damnation" or other comparative thought of endless discipline.
  • Not advance disciples are better, unrivaled, or something else "above" other individuals as far as inborn esteem. All individuals matter.
  • Not empower any kind of strength or takeover of other individuals, religions, countries, arrive, and so forth.
What are the characteristics of a good religion?
Ensure the prosperity of, and fairness, surprisingly, paying little mind to skin shading, religion, sex, sexuality. This is something beyond repairing the world; this is about certified regard for every individual without conditions. This implies individuals are not manhandled or exploited in light of their age, sex, religion, appearance, sexuality, and so on, for example, constrained relational unions, offer of people, sexual abuse of individuals or creatures, any type of control or restraint, and so forth.

Fundamentally, these things can be accomplished with or without a confidence in a higher power. A few people feel a confidence in a higher power is ideal for them, and a few people don't. A few people aren't sure. However, it shouldn't make any difference, in light of the fact that in case we're all working towards a similar ultimate objective of a superior world for everybody here, there's no reason we can't accomplish it.

A definitive issue is that there are continually going to be people who need control, regardless of whether for influence, cash or status. Those are the ones whose activities should be anticipated - and they can be if whatever remains of us confront them. We truly could have a generally culminate world (demonstrations of nature notwithstanding) but rather it requires everybody to be only the correct level of "unselfish". 

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Anamika Srivastava answered 30-May-2018 by Anamika Srivastava
What are the characteristics of a good religion?

Belief in the Supernatural special quotes is one of the most obvious characteristics of religion. It is so common in fact that some people mistake mere there is for religion itself, yet that is incorrect. Theism can occur outside of religion and some religion are atheistic.  Despite this, Supernatural believes are a common and fundamental aspect of most religious, while the existence of supernatural being is almost never stipulated in a non-religious belief system.

A good religion for me would be:
Encourage people to inspire and work towards improving themselves.
Encourage people to show compassion and respect for to support people, animals, and our environment, repairing the world as taught in Judaism.
Encourage debate and thought adherents should not be expected to believe something just because someone said so.
Not proselytize.
Not have any “devil” figure nor an eternal on fairy “Hell” or other similar ideas of eternal punishment.
Not encourage any sort of dominance or take over of other people religions, Nations, land etc.
Ensure the well-being of equality of all people regardless of skin color, religion, Gender and sexuality and so on. Respect for each person without condition. This means that people are not abused or taken advantage of based on there age, sex, religion, appearance,  sexuality etc. Such as forced marriage, the sale of human beings, sexual exploitation of peoples or animals,
any form of control or repression etc.
Basically, this things can be achieved with or without a Belief in a high power. Some people feel a Belief in high power is right for them, and some people don’t. Some people aren’t sure.