What were the greatest bluffs ever made in history?

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twinkle das asked 06-Mar-2018 in Spirituality by twinkle das
What were the greatest bluffs ever made in history?

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Anonymous User answered 20-May-2018 by Anonymous User
The greatest bluffs were (it’s my viewpoint, sorry if anyone sees it differently) 
  • When East India Company, in the name of trade implemented Divide and rule and ruled India for 190 years
  • When the corrupted government took positive after Independence of India and vowed for India's progress, wealth and prosperity, In the end, they looted our money.
  • When Shri Krishna bluffed for good over evil, Ironically when now our freedom is questioned now by JNU like anti-people, and we still bail them, its a bluff from such people that they are standing for good, they are not good, they stand for greater evil we don't see yet. It will hurt our country from within.

What were the greatest bluffs ever made in history?

  • And greatest bluff is that our Globe is not living, it's Dying with more than 50% species extinction, we still remain deliberately unaware about our Mother earth and keep destroying her on daily basis! So we all are bluffing to ourselves on daily basis, and this human generation is still alive, its the greatest bluff.

  • George Bush & Co on WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) at Iraq and fearcosis he created before US election;
  • N.Modi of India about bringing back Black Money of Rs. 90 Lac Cr from Overseas banks to give to poor before election in 2014;
  • N.Modi of India Demonetization of Rs.500 & 1000 notes to identify black money, fake money and ended up promoting cashless society. The cost of whole exercise is more than they can get, killed the private investments, increased the unemployment and faltered the GDP growth by almost 2%
  • The fictional one is Zhuge Liang's open gate defense. He was being attacked by a superior force and only had a few troops to defend the city. He left the gate open and aged music vibe the open gate. His enemy thought that he was setting up an ambush and therefore withdrew.