How hot is Salesforce now as a carrier choice?

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twinkle das asked 06-Mar-2018 in SalesForce by twinkle das
How hot is Salesforce now as a carrier choice?

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Anonymous User answered 14-Mar-2018 by Anonymous User

I am working as a Software Developer and watching that the demand for Salesforce developer is increasing day by day.

The Salesforce developer’s demand increasing because of the shortage of genuine developers. Think about that who knows the salesforce coding. So that the salesforce market requires more experienced developers year by year.

How hot is Salesforce now as a carrier choice?

I am giving you an example, the number of jobs opening for Salesforce developers is increasing by 3% per year. And the interested candidates are occupying the jobs growing tremendously because of the good salary. And the reason is in today’s time the software applications developed are hosted on the cloud and it is the plus point for salesforce because Salesforce application is already running on the cloud and already giving the services to its clients. So it is very attractive for companies and developers too to host their applications and share them with their clients.

There is a graph which describes the average salary in different countries of Salesforce professionals.
How hot is Salesforce now as a carrier choice?
The companies having the vacancies for the Salesforce developers, App Builders, Administrators, Technical Architects and the implementation experts.

I don’t say about the salesforce future because in today’s life Salesforce having need of Salesforce developers but who knows about the future. If you want to move to Salesforce then you have to take a risk and take a call.

I have given you a short description, but if want some more then go to the Salesforce Certifications link and read the blog.

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Thank You for the Ans.
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feeroz Khan answered 20-Aug-2018 by feeroz Khan

yes ,really you have to add Salesforce skills to your resume.The Salesforce is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand skills from software developers, solutions architects, designers to project managers, the marketing and sales professionals, that can almost every professional should.

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