Is Salesforce consulting a good job for pursuing a tech career?

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twinkle das asked 06-Mar-2018 in SalesForce by twinkle das
Is Salesforce consulting a good job for pursuing a tech career?

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Tarun Gautam answered 15-Mar-2018 by Tarun Gautam

If you want to know that the Salesforce consultant job is a good step for the future according to the other non-salesforce technical careers then it definitely not.

The employers working with the Salesforce for a long time in the tech field and database and also the web development including backend development, before getting a job with a company that used Salesforce.

If an employee of Salesforce tech platform leave the job and started his career as a consultant in the Salesforce then it definitely he doesn’t want any other tech job, it’s my personal experience.

Salesforce as a technology is immaculate but there is a whole social culture that has sprung up around it. You make friends but one of my competitors gave me the biggest client and everyone is in this bubble and very friendly and cooperative in ways people are not generally amongst competitors. And you end up paying it forward and it feels great.

So, at last thing, I would say that if you really want a technology as a consultant in that, it will be helpful but you would be willing to leave consider web development or microservices. So once you become part of the Salesforce community you won’t want to leave the Salesforce consult job. Whereas Salesforce consult job is increases day by day and now become a preferred option for beginners who want to pursue a technical career in the IT industry.

Below I have pointed some of the good opportunities if you are working as a Salesforce consult:

1. It helps to analyze the business needs and processes and build a model of a business.
2. It helps to learn how to create reports from data.
3. It helps to analyze a situation and figure out what part of your tool chest to apply to it.
4. It helps to know the importance of managing data and how to clean it.
5. And how to simplify complex user interfaces to solve specific problems.
6. And it helps to understand how to work with people in complicated organizations.