What are good ways to get more qualified leads into your sales funnel?

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twinkle das asked 06-Mar-2018 in SalesForce by twinkle das
What are good ways to get more qualified leads into your sales funnel?

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Tarun Gautam answered 16-Mar-2018 by Tarun Gautam

The question you have asked is showing that you are finding the actual customers ?. If you are really searching more quality leads and increasing the lead conversions, then remember that there are two types of leads Qualified and Non-Qualified leads.

So, it is important that you have the information about both the leads (Qualified and Non-Qualified). Here we will talk about some of the fine points of what differentiates a Qualified lead from an Unqualified lead. And also how you fulfill your sales pipeline with only Qualified leads. By better understanding, we can access more quality leads and also you can increase lead conversions.

What are good ways to get more qualified leads into your sales funnel?

So, what the Qualified lead are:

First, which type of customer you are going to be deal. The success of your lead engagement hinges upon understanding your buyer persona. Follow Peter Sandeen’s advice on crafting an in-depth buyer persona here.

Once you have clearly established who you’re targeting, you should expect these qualified leads to have certain characteristics:

  • Have the lead completed or it is in the process of completing your nurturing campaign cycle,
  • Have low churn rates because of the close on their own terms,
  • Are in control of their own buying cycle and are completing self-education research,
  • Have a clearly defined budget to work with and are currently researching solutions

There are four parameters of the industry-standard BANT method for determining if leads are qualified:

  • What is the leads authority within their organization?
  • Does this lead need my product or service?
  • How quickly does this lead need a product or service?
  • Does this lead have the budget for my product/service?

Now, after following above standard criteria, you are able to paint a clearer picture of whether it is an unqualified or qualified lead – and whether it is an opportunity worth pursuing right away.

What is Unqualified Lead?

After comparing with the Qualified Leads:

  • Are unsure about what you’re offering,
  • Don’t know what solution they’re looking for,
  • Lack the budget for your product or service.
  • Have not been cultivating enough to close their sales cycle.

While It is possible to convert unqualified leads with the buyers. Ultimately focusing lead generations efforts with target cold email much reach those in a position to afford your service.

If the target is to generate new business and it is the ultimate goal, then qualified sales leads are a major step in the process. So, how did you define qualified leads? Internally, the company’s sales and marketing department can do work with another to define your own parameters for qualified and unqualified leads.