Is Salesforce occupying all the floors in the Salesforce tower?

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twinkle das asked 06-Mar-2018 in SalesForce by twinkle das
Is Salesforce occupying all the floors in the Salesforce tower?

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Tarun Gautam answered 16-Mar-2018 by Tarun Gautam

If you have interest in Salesforce platform and you want a job in the attractive sphere of Salesforce, then for you Salesforce career paths are open.

Is Salesforce occupying all the floors in the Salesforce tower?

In the main spheres of Salesforce there are jobs for:

Before completing the salesforce certification, see the registration here which is the career paths that you just must know about. Take a review of some of the popular of the career paths taken by Salesforce personnel out there:

Developer Track:

In the Developer path, there are 3 developer tracks for Salesforce trained employees:
1. Platform Developer I: by this, you will be able to create custom apps that use the point and click abilities of the Salesforce platform. You have to design the data model and business logic and UI looks after the security of the custom apps developed by you. This is also responsible for designing dashboards, reports, and portals.
2. Platform Developer II: this is also called the advanced developer
3. Developer II: this is also able to harness Visualforce and Apex in addition to the roles of a developer.

Administrator Track:

In the Administrator path, there are 2 main Administrator tracks for Salesforce:
1. Administrator: we can manage users, look after the security and data aspects of salesforce. It is also able to create dashboards, building reports and look after the general workflow after we complete the track.
2. Advanced Administrator: this is also known as Salesforce Advanced Administrator tends to the advanced administration abilities of Salesforce. In this, we are able to optimize and extend the functionalities of the Service and Sales Cloud apps. It is also well versed in designing advanced reports and dashboards.

Consultant Track:

The Consultant is also known as Implementation expert in the Salesforce World. There are 6 specific certifications in this, but the two main are as follows:
1. Sales Cloud Consultant: it is able to design the marketing and sales solutions that comply with the requirements of particular businesses. They are able to design apps and interfaces which help companies leverage the maximum productivity from the users. It also manages the design and data analytics tracking.
2. Service Cloud Consultant: it has the capability, which a person design contact center solutions. They design interaction channels while creating interfaces that maximize the productivity of agents, same as Salesforce consultant they are able to manage data and design analytics as well as keep track of vital industry metrics.

Architect Track:

In the Architect path, there are a plenty of architect tracks open for you, and the most popular among these are:
Technical Architect: It gives power to the multiple platforms of a solution. It includes authentication and integration across the different systems. He or she manages the development of scalable, optimized and secure solutions.

There are more than the above options open to you before you get the Salesforce certification login.