What are some signs that your pet has a sense of humor?

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samay srivastava asked 05-Mar-2018 in Humor & Amusement by samay srivastava
What are some signs that your pet has a sense of humor?

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Anonymous User answered 22-May-2018 by Anonymous User

I've told this about my cat. I don't know if it is a sense of humor or not, maybe she just forgot for a second that she was a cat.

What are some signs that your pet has a sense of humor?

I used to have a giant desk in the living room before we moved. It was so big we had three computers set up on it at one point on three sides, before flat screens.
We got some of those little wiffle balls for cats with a tiny bell inside. One night I was sitting on my side playing a game or something and I threw one down the hall to let my cat chase it. At some point she came back up the hall with it in her mouth.

She walked up to my chair and dropped it on the floor. I picked it up and threw it again, and she returned it again. Then one time she was bringing it back and she stopped a few feet away as if just realizing something, and suddenly dropped the ball!

It was as if she were saying “I'm sorry, I just realized I can't bring it all the way back to you (because I'm a cat)! We went round and round over this. Sometimes she would move it a bit closer if I refused to throw it, sometimes not, but she would always chase it and bring it partway back.
Eventually we reached a compromise. She would bring it back barely within reach, and I would pretend that she wasn't fetching like a dog!

I don't know if she thought it was funny, but I sure did.
Hope you liked the story so yeah animals can be humorous too though they cannot speak but then too they share impartial love. Specially dogs they are the most exceptional one could ever I have