Do girls like guys with the sense of humor?

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samay srivastava asked 05-Mar-2018 in Humor & Amusement by samay srivastava
Do girls like guys with the sense of humor?

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Anonymous User answered 22-May-2018 by Anonymous User
Contrary to popular opinion, not all women like men who are funny. There is also a popular myth that you can't teach anybody to have a sense of humor. Either way, assuming that women will prefer you because of your learned comic ability might not be the best way to go.

Do girls like guys with the sense of humor?

I'd advise something more to the point, like figuring out something you really like to do and finding a way to meet women who like to do that too. It is old-fashioned, but it has worked for people over the centuries. I am not being snarky, just in case, I sounded that way. I really think you have a better chance to meet women if you go out and meet women.

  • Sure, sense of humor is a great asset to have.
  • Not everybody has a sense of humor.
  • Everybody likes a person one who has a great and clean sense of humor.
  • If you mean just like, sure girls definitely like guys who have a sense of humor.
  •  If you mean girls love and fall for a guy who has just sense of humor then it is wrong.
  • For a girl to fall in love, the guy needs to have more things than just sense of humor.
  • Sure, sense of humor helps in impressing the girl in the beginning. 
  • A sense of humor is not enough to keep the relationship going.
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