What is the legal age for smoking in India?

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What is the legal age for smoking in India?

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An advisory group set up by the wellbeing service to prescribe corrections to the Tobacco Regulation Act may prescribe raising least age for smoking to 25 years from the present 18 years, a report said on Friday.

What is the legal age for smoking in India?

The panel, headed by previous Delhi wellbeing secretary Ramesh Chandra, is additionally for raising fines for tobacco related offenses, incorporating smoking out in the open, as per the report.
The last recommendations on the corrections, notwithstanding, are yet to be readied.
Chandra said it will be prepared right on time one week from now.

'We are agreeable to raising the base age for smoking to 25 years. We additionally need fines for tobacco-related offenses to be raised and among the proposals that we have gotten is one that says that the fine to smoke out in the open ought to be Rs 20,000,' the report cited him as saying.

'We have not accepted an approach what that sum ought to be yet we comprehend that proposing a sum that isn't viable will just purpose the administration to dismiss that suggestion,' he included.
The advisory group additionally needs to stop the offer of free cigarettes and raise the measure of the pictorial cautioning.

Individuals clarified that the contributions of the advisory group are to a greater extent a specialized nature, portraying universal prescribed procedures and the wellbeing impacts of tobacco, as indicated by the report.

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