Are the Bollywood Awards fixed?

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twinkle das asked 04-Mar-2018 in Entertainment & Arts by twinkle das
Are the Bollywood Awards fixed?

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Vishal Kesarwani answered 09-May-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani
"Bollywood Awards Functions"
Are the Bollywood Awards fixed?

Don’t know about the fixation of Bollywood award but literally, I have loosed faith from Bollywood awards. I don’t usually watch television much but recently I was sitting free at home and I was switching up the channels and Zee Cine awards was coming on Zee TV where nominations, where been shown for the best actor, were being shown. As I am interested in watching movies I just got eager to know who is gonnnnaa win
the best actor award and after waiting for a while the only thing which I found was crap.  

So it was like……

So the nominees for the best actor male are….
Akshay Kumar - Jolly LLB 2
Raj kumar Rao - Newton
Hritik Roshan – Kaabil
Shahrukh Khan - Raees
Akshay Kumar - Toilet- Ek Prem Katha
Varun Dhawan - Judwaa 2

And guess what I get to see… Varun Dhawan getting awarded as the best actor for his role in the movie Judwaa 2. The moment I saw such thing I completely lost my faith from Bollywood award shows. 
I mean I have literally watched all six movies which were been nominated in the Zee Cine award and I was sure that either Akhay Kumar for Toilet: Ek prem katha or Rajkumar Rao for his epic acting skills in Newton is gonna get the best actor award.

Are the Bollywood Awards fixed?

But all I ended up watching is that Varun Dhawan is receiving the best actor award for Judwaa 2 (a creepy movie) no doubt Judwaa 2 was an entertaining movie but then too giving best actor award ahead of such brilliant actors was no justice.

A serious introspection is what needed before listing down the names of actors who are too be awarded. But Bollywood award shows are full of performances, tobacco sponsors and other creepy stuff which is degrading the graph of Bollywood.
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shubham patel answered 10-May-2018 by shubham patel

There are bunch of award ceremony hosted by bollywood, they perform they entertain they got award. Plenty of times it does scripted but not every time as same as might you think well. 

in those days It was come out on media  when Superstar Amir khan didn't present to get the award.  There are some cliches around bollywood lounge.

"Why should we have given the Best Actor award to Aamir Khan when he has made it very clear that he doesn’t attend awards functions? If he doesn’t want to accept the honour, what is the point in honouring him? Nowadays we have seen people returning their awards. We didn’t want to take that risk."

Priyadarshan, National Award Jury Chairman

Even in india political approach is badly needed. Indeed Awards exists.

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