What are the diseases caused by algae?

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What are the diseases caused by algae?

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Hurtful algae
What are the diseases caused by algae?
Phytoplankton grows, little scale algal blooms, deadly green development, red tides, or ruinous green development, in general terms for typically happening wonders. Around 300 hundred sorts of scaled down scale green development are represented from time to time to shape mass occasion, gathered sprouts. Just about one fourth of these creature classifications are known to convey harms.

Standard specialists suggests these events with a dull term, 'Ruinous Algal Bloom' (HAB), seeing that, in light of the way that a broad assortment of living creatures is incorporated and a couple of creature assortments have deadly effects at low cell densities, not all HABs are 'algal' and not all occur as 'grows'.

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Sickness Caused by alagae:
1. Amnesic shellfish harming,
2. Ciguatera angle harming,
3. Diarrhectic shellfish harming,
4. Neurotoxic shellfish harming,
5. Paralytic shellfish harming,
6. Prothecosis.

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