Is it possible for another social network to outgrow Facebook?

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samay srivastava asked 03-Mar-2018 in social networking by samay srivastava
Is it possible for another social network to outgrow Facebook?

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akriti kashyap answered 29-May-2018 by akriti kashyap

Facebook began as vertical (Harward online school index) and wound up with an even approach that interfaces companions. Google did likewise when Yahoo was level attempting to indicate everything on the site. With Facebook gaining over a billion dynamic clients since its dispatch date in 2004, it isn't outlandish, however exceptionally hard to outperform this site unless you have something super extraordinary and requested.

Google simply centered around Search motor and now they are a totally extraordinary organization. Indeed, even Amazon began with just offering books, now Amazon is a Tech organization alongside its enormous cloud foundation. All the enormous organizations began vertically, they got a point where individuals requested and different organizations disregarded.

So as opposed to contending an even monster informal organization, attempt to see where this site can't fill a hole yet you can. Google+ (Google Plus) contended with even approach against Facebook and they lost. It doesn't make a difference how enormous or little you are, it's just about finding a little indirect access where different organizations disregard.

Airbnb as of late demonstrated the old messages that numerous financial specialists rejected them to contend with inns in early days. Those speculators didn't understand that Airbnb was really a vertical contender and they were reluctant to go level. The speculators have a correct point not to contend an even monster division but rather they more often than not don't understand that the item was a vertical thing. Airbnb didn't endeavor to rival lodgings by supplanting more pleasant inns or inns. They accomplished something totally extraordinary. They found the motivating forces of individuals willing to share their lofts, homes at a sensible cost.
So the inquiry "Can facebook be supplanted with another informal community" is somewhat deceptive inquiry since you don't have to supplant it yet to bore down and discover a gap on it.