Who is the highest earning blogger in India?

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Ronan Jone asked 03-Mar-2018 in Blogging by Ronan Jone

Who is the highest earning blogger in India?

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Anonymous User answered 19-May-2018 by Anonymous User

'Harsh Agarwal – ShoutMeLoud '

Who is the highest earning blogger in India?

Harsh Agarwal may an Old Delhi based and one of the youngest, energetic and promising blogger. As per my analysis and knowledge which I tend to get from numerous sources, he completely is an ideal example of the young Indian World Health Organization absolutely freelance and has adequate quantity of cash to require pleasure of his life.

Harsh Agarwal talks about a various topic in his including starting a blog, making money from blogging, SEO (Search engine marketing), Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, starting business, web hosting services in India and many more. His main motive is to liberalize each and every person from the regular 9-6 job and guide them to be their own boss. He started hit blog Shout me loud in September 2008 at still running and attracting numerous of visitors on daily basis.

His income report:

  • Affiliate marketing: $34165
  • AdSense: $416
  • Media.net: $801.70
  • eBooks + ShoutMeLoud Store: $372
  • Clickbank: $112.25
  • ShareASale: $1086
  • Ezoic: $88.86
  • ElegantThemes: $302.50
  • NativeAds Direct ads: $2300