How can we transform India from a "game loving to game playing country"?

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Ronan Jone asked 03-Mar-2018 in games by Ronan Jone

How can we transform India from a "game loving to game playing country"?ga

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akriti kashyap answered 24-May-2018 by akriti kashyap

Before the advent of computer games, Indians used to play board games or indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Tic-tac-toe, and other outdoor sports. Games were viewed as a way to bond with the family and/or as a means to develop physical fitness.

How can we transform India from a "game loving to game playing country"?

In another sense except as a reliable form of exercise, games weren't taken seriously.
Then came digital games in the early 20th century. There were games before but never had they gained any meteoric rise in popularity as they did during this period. Games begun to get more competitive and were seen as a way to spend your Saturdays at the arcade. But here's the catch, India never saw popular gaming culture.
Only recently independent, India had a slew of problems to worry about to pay any attention to gaming. Our economy was barely climbing and our foreign policies still needed to be sorted out. People had more things to worry about.

Another reason could be was that people were still apprehensive of Western culture which had destroyed them few decades ago.

The most important reason of all would be the lack of gambling. With lack of casinos and arcades, it was very difficult for any game company to establish foothold in India. The first MMO to be properly distributed was Ragnarok Online in October 2005.

So, the Indian gaming culture has been lagging as compared to the world.

“What can be done to improve it? “
Well that's tough. There never was any gaming culture in the previous generations. India has a rich tradition of respecting parent's choices which is amazing in its own sense. However when coupled with the lack of gaming culture, parents view gaming as a past time/waste of time. Its not their fault really. It's completely natural to reject the unknown. Also Indians have this habit of overdoing and over achieving which is even seen in gaming which negatively impacts the young.

So what can be done? In one word - awareness

• Awareness through social media about gaming, health and lifestyle.

• Awareness through regular game summits and conventions where people can be educated about gaming.

• Awareness can even begin at home. Have a sit down with your parents. Talk to them about why you game and what propels you.

• Understand that gaming is not something uncool. I have even seen youth who don't get that gaming is as natural as binge-watching TV shows, Friends, and Big Boss

• Raising your voice: You won't get people to understand if you don't talk. So, talk. Write more om your gaming experiences. Show the world that you are okay even though you are a gamer. These things require effort. Don't pass it on as someone's problem. Do your bit and contribute.