How can you believe in something you can't see?

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Belief is an unpredictable term in the dynamics of life. When we believe in something, we tend to focus on the probabilities of its existence, every day. Our faith makes us reach out to the consciousness within ourselves and seek the meaning of what we believe in.

Something that could be seen is easy to believe. But what about something that cannot be seen? Should we believe in that?

  • Let’s understand this with a simple example: suppose someone hit you with their palm on your back. Now, how will you decipher that you have been hit by someone’s palm? Your mind may have made some image which was reciprocated to you along with the pain you sensed; which made you believe that you’ve been hit by a palm.

  • Another example could be something positive, like, love. Can you literally see how much your parents love you? No! You can only feel it in the things they do for you, in the comfort you find with them, and in their words also. That’s why you feel protected & safe with them. You tend to run under their comfort whenever something happens out of your control. Why? Because even though not visible, you BELIEVE in their love. Love cannot be seen through eyes, you can only see the people who ‘love’ you.

How can you believe in something you can

That’s why it is fairly understandable argument of how can we believe in something we don’t see. There are many things beyond our sight, but we may still feel them thoroughly through our bodies, like pain, happiness, excitement, love, anger, guilt, hatred, and devotion.

The belief in God is the most debatable topic in the entire world. Some say why should we believe in God if we haven’t seen him, while others say what does God has to do with belief… it is there in every creation.
Well, to reach a conclusion, I may prefer saying that belief or disbelief in God is a personal choice.

  • There are many theories which science has also failed to answer, and that makes the scientists believe that there are positive and negative powers in the universe which direct the flow of the entire system. These powers have been named as God or other supernatural elements. This is what science believes.

  • Now we come to a normal man’s perception. As many as 85% of people across this planet believe in the existence of God in some form or the other. Whenever they are in sickness or health, they try to memorize some form of energy/power. This gives them a source of inspiration to live on.

Thus, as concluded by many, belief is a personal choice. People believe in God according to their sense of understanding & knowledge, they read various scriptures and holy books, they listen to religious discourses and a lot of things. To believe in something or not to believe is totally dependent on how we receive the knowledge around us.
If negative powers are spread around us, then our belief system inclines towards negativity. But if positivity resides in the atmosphere, our beliefs and faith is inclined automatically towards more positivity.

Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are. ~ Noah Porter