In which year, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established?

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In which year, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established? 

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Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established in the year 1957, it’s an apex government body for trekking at high altitudes in India, rock climbing, mountaineering, and skiing.

In which year, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established?

The mainstream reason why the Indian Mountaineering Foundation came into existence was to support and provide better appliances for the for expeditions for mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking at high peaks and also to motivate, support and execute schemes for related adventure activities and environmental protection work in the Himalaya.

This national foundation also conducts climbing in the Indian Himalaya, organizes national and international conferences, training / environment-cleaning camps and climbing competitions. IMF is closely associated with the Ministries of Sports, Home, Defence, Tourism and Environment of the Government of India.

Col HS Chauhan is current President of Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

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Indian Mountaineering Foundation!!!
In which year, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established?

In 1957, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established. It is established as a national body for mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, and trekking at high heights in India where all the necessary information are provided to the climbers.
The main objectives behind the formation of IMF to promote, encourage, support and execute schemes for associated adventurous activities and environmental protection work in the Himalaya so that it becomes easy to climb on high heights for climbers. Including Mt.Everest, IMF has organized many campaign to the high peaks in the Himalayas.
History of IMF
Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first persons who reached at the peek of Mt Everest in 1953. They generated zest in mountaineering in India which led to the establishment of Indian mountaineering Foundation.
For the Sponsoring Committee of the Cho Oyu Expedition then the IMF was formed in 1957. On November 3, 1961, the foundation was registered and in 1980 Indira Gandhi , then Prime Minister of India the new building was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi.

Alternative Names
In the starting the organization changed its name to the Sponsoring Committee of Everest Expedition in 1959 and in the same year it was changed to Sponsoring Committee for Mountaineering Expeditions.
It was established as the Indian Mountaineering Foundation with its headquarters in New Delhi, India On January 15, 1961.
IMF Mountain Film Festival
The IMF Mountain Film Festival is promoted by Indian Mountaineering Foundation, India.
This competitive event shows various adventure films shot in the Himalayas. The film festival celebrated at the campus of Indian Mountaineering Foundation in New Delhi, India.
The festival is directed by Maninder Kohli who is son of legendary Himalayan mountaineer, Capt. Mohan Singh Kohli was the President of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation from 1989 to 1993 and also was a member of India's first expedition to the summit of Everest in 1965.
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