What is Platform Cache in Salesforce?

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Sylvester Balchunas asked 02-Feb-2018 in SalesForce by Sylvester Balchunas

What is Platform Cache in Salesforce?

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Tarun Gautam answered 03-Feb-2018 by Tarun Gautam

As we know that the Cache is a temporary storage for frequently accessed data from a database. Cache is a memory layer which will store Salesforce session and the organization's data for the later use.

Platform Cache increases your applications speed, because it stores reusable data in memory, so the applications can quickly access this data.

Duplicate calculations and requests are needed to the database for subsequent transactions. Or we can say that, think of Platform Cache as RAM for your cloud application.

There are some of the types of Platform Cache:

  • Session Cache:

This will store data of an individual user and it is tied to that user’s session, and the life of a session is maximum 8 hours.

  • Org Cache:

his will store Organizations-Wide data that anyone in the org can use. Organizations Cache can be accessed across sessions, requests, and organizations users and profiles.

Cache Partition

Partitioning a Cache allows us to give space to balance usage and performance across applications. Caching data to designated partitions ensures that the other applications cache space is not overwritten or by less critical data.

So, before we use cache space of our organization, we must create partitions to define how much capacity you want from our applications. Each and every partitions capacity broken down between organizations cache and session’s cache.

Platform Cache allocation is also available by its edition so, Platform Cache is available to customers with Enterprise Edition Organizations and it’s above.

[ NOTE: By Default, 10 MB is allocated for Enterprise Edition, 20 MB is allocated for Unlimited Edition and 30 MB for Performance Edition. ]