what is HyperText Markup Language?

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HyperText Markup Language!!!

HyperText Markup Language is helpful to create a website or web page by create documents on the World Wide Web. When the websites are created then it can be viewed by anyone who is connected to internet. This language is very easy to learn and in one sitting its basics are being accessible to most of the people and quite powerful in what it allows you to create. It is always undergoing revision an changes to meet the needs and requirements of the growing internet audience.

How does it work?
There are a series of short codes consist in HTML as typed into a text-file by the site author these are the tags. After writing the text then it is saved as a html file, and viewed through a browser, like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Thses browser helps in read the file and translates the text into a visible form to the user, hopefully exposing the page as the author had wished.

What are the tags up to?
The tags are what distinct normal text from HTML code. We might know them as the words between the <angle-brackets> used in HTM tags. They allow all the cool attributes like images and tables and stuff, just by telling your browser what to show on the page. Different functions will perform by Different tags. The tags which are used in text are not display when you view your page through a browser, but their effects do by showing on a webpage. The simplest tags do nothing more than apply formatting to some text.

Characteristics Of HTML:
  • • HTML abbreviated as Hyper Text Mark-up Language
  • • HTML tell us the presentation of Web pages using mark-up
  • • HTML elements are the necessary part of HTML pages.
  • • HTML elements are represented by various tags used for various purpose.
  • • HTML tags label pieces of content such as “body” 'heading', 'paragraph', 'table', and many more.
  • • Browsers do not shows the any HTML tags, but use them to display the content of the page
An example of simple HTML Document-
1. <!DOCTYPE html>
2. <html>
3. <head>
4. <title>Page Title</title>
5. </head>
6. <body>
7. <h1>My First Heading</h1>
8. <p>My first paragraph.</p>
9. </body>
10. </html>

In above Examples
  • • The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines this document to be HTML5
  • • The <html> element is the root element of an HTML page
  • • The <head> element contains meta information about the document
  • • The <title> element specifies a title for the document
  • • The <body> element contains the visible page content
  • • The <h1> element defines a large heading
  • • The <p> element defines a paragraph

hope you understand!!!