How did Maharana Pratap die?

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How did Maharana Pratap die?

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Brave souls do not die they just become immortal….! 
How did Maharana Pratap die?

Born on 9th may 1540 Maharana Pratap Singh was a Rajput king of Mewar which is located in northern-western India. Maharana Pratap Singh will always be remembered whenever Indian history will be entertained renowned as the Rana Kika will be always in the memory of each and every one of us as an Idol of self-respect, patriotism, determination, and bravery.

How did Maharana Pratap die?

He died at the age of 57 after surviving an injury while he was hunting. By going through some historical documents and reports claims that Maharana Pratap died because of over bleeding as after is intestinal nerve got broke down while he was engaged in hunting.

Here is what he said in his last speech addressing his soldiers

“My dear soldiers, you all supported me in all my critical situations because of which only we could protect Udaipur and rest Mewad.
I know currently we are not threatened up by any of enemy but still, my desire to wage war against Mughals is not over. Still many things remaining to do in life…Green flags are still flying on Chittod…still my Desh (here meaning is India) is tolerating intruders… I have to see this Desh as independent land… I have to give my blood for this holy work….. I am still able to hear a genuine request from the mother (land) to free it from Turkks…..and hence my heart is still shouting, stand up and let’s fight back….. I am ready to fight but… but friends it is my body which is not supporting me……My body is not listening to my soul and hence I cannot sleep in peace.”

"Rana Kika left his earthly body and became eternal for the generation to come"