how much do professional tennis players make a year

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how much do professional tennis players make a year

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Professional Tennis Players Make A Year!

how much do professional tennis players make a year

Well, this annum’s U.S. Open Tennis Tournament is going to pay out a record of $38.3 Million as prize money, a $3 million is going to be awarded to the winners in the women’s and men’s singles tournament without the inclusion of bonus cash prize.

Currently, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams are the two highest paid athlete on the floor across the globe.

how much do professional tennis players make a year

But, still, I have a question how much does it spread the wealth..?

As all over the count is of 32 players who are seeded at Grand Slam Tournaments, the Journal of the Wall Street starred on what a 32ns highest paid player would earn this year and on what parameters would they compare with a 32nd best player in many different sports.

Considering 18th of August, those women’s and men’s players were Fernando Verdasco, 30 years of age from Spain has made $757,446, Casey Dellacqua, who aged 29 of Australia made $457,429 which does not include the money of any of the endorsement events.

In comparison, the 32nd highest paid player in the Major League Baseball organized at Colorado Rockies… Troy Tulowitzki, had earned over $16 Million in the year of 2014.

In the National Football League, the 32nd highest paid player, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, will bag almost $12 Million. And in the National Basketball Association, the Detroit Piston’s Josh Smith will bag an amount of $13.5 million.

This was all about the story of the Tennis Player earning… and it seems that they have the highest paid athletes across the globe!

So, now you are wise enough to jump for which sports to opt for as your career…