How to create Reports in Salesforce?

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How to create Reports in Salesforce?

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In Salesforce, reports are a list of records which meets the criteria we define. Reports are displayed in rows and columns. And also reports can be displayed, filtered or grouped and display in a graphical chart. In Salesforce every report is stored in a folder and those folders can be shared, hidden or public and can be set to read-only or read/writer.

Steps to create Report in Salesforce

  1. Now, to create a report, first of all, you have a valid registered account.
  2. After login to your salesforce association group and then click on reports tab you would navigate to below screen. How to create Reports in Salesforce?
    • “New Dashboard” button is used to navigate to dashboard screen.
    • “New Report” button is used to navigate to list of report screen.
    • All Folders box shows all the list of presented report/dashboard folders in your organization. By default, salesforce would give standard folders.
  3. Now, to create new Salesforce reports follow the steps –
    • Click on report tab and then click on new report button.
    • Select the report type and click on Create.How to create Reports in Salesforce?
  4. After clicking “Create” button, you will move to “Unsaved Report” page. Here do your filters set up as needed, for ex. in my case I have changed the date “From” with “1/1/2018”.
  5. After filtration, click on “Save” button, a new window “Save Report” will popups. Now, fill the form of “Save Report” window, and give a name of your report like “My_Lead_Report”, and also select the “Report Folder”.
  6. Now, after entering the compulsory fields click on “Save” button or if you want to run your report directly with saving the form then click on “Save and Run Report”.