How did Akbar die?

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How did Akbar die?

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The book Akbarnama describes official history of death of Akbar. It tells that once Akbar was suffering from stomach ailment. The Hakim (physician) didn't give him medicine for eight days assuming that the emperor will recover on his own in a few days but the health of the emperor worsened even more.

Akbar went angry with Hakim and shouted “I raised you from dust to this level, in anticipation of getting your service in time of need. But the reverse is happening “. Listening to this, the Hakim started treatment. The Hakim initially was reluctant because he was scared of women at harem who were getting furious and impatient at Hakim.

Hakim started treatment under the protection of Sheikh Farid Bukhari who was personal in charge of royal guards that gave protection to Akbar.
On 19th day of treatment, the Hakim withdrew. The emperor died natural death on Wednesday, 15th October 1605.

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