Which news channel is more dangerous for India NDTV or Zee News?

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asked 29-Jan-2018 in News by Siya Chandra

Which news channel is more dangerous for India NDTV or Zee News?

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answered 6 days ago by Vishal Kesarwani
Zee News and NDTV are one of the top-rated news channels of in our in reference of the number of viewers and television rating premiere. Form last few years so many questions have been raised on these two news channels.
Several times these two channels were accused of showing in-appropriate and unnecessary news on national television.

Controversies where NDTV was indulged in:
  • Allegation of corruption and criminal conspiracy - 1998
  • Radia tapes controversy - 2010
  • Allegation of tax fraud - 2015
  • One Day Ban - November 2016

Controversies where Zee News was indulged in:
  • Jindal Group incident - 2012
  • Allegations of fabrications - 2016 (JNU sedition controversy)
  • Allegations of false news reports - 2016 (MSD alleged that Zee News have telecast false news reports)
Apart from these controversies which created a huge mess all our country NDTV and Zee News are also accused to be biased with political parties. Where Zee News is said to be biased in praising the work of the ruling party Bhartiya Janta Party NDTV is been accused of barging Congress.  

So, I guess both are equally as dangerous as the news which is been offered by these channels could create a negative atmosphere in the country. Except for one or two shows such as DNA by Sudheer Chaudhary, I never find any kind of fair telecasting fair news.

Either there will be news on Kashmir or they will start comparing our weapons with our rivalry nation Pakistan. There are a lot more things going on in our country which is equally important than the issues which are been telecasted on television.  

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