Which is the best news channel on Indian television and why?

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asked 29-Jan-2018 in News by Mitul Chopra

Which is the best news channel on Indian television and why?

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answered 6 days ago by Vishal Kesarwani

It’s a sad reality most of the news channel in our country are strictly controlled by the corporates. There is hardly any sort of channel left which shows news appropriately. I have observed that the bar of quality news has been degraded with a very frequent pace. 

These days either the media is busy in showing senseless debates where several so-called intellectuals of different community sit on a single screen and just shout on some serious issues and hype the issue.

These debates are never productive you can comment me or reply me back if you any such debate resulting in something really productive. And the irony of the fact is that not only one of two news channels are busy in such stuff because each and every news channel are on the same trend.  

Opting over best news channel was not really difficult for me hence here are two such channels which are literally showing something serious are productive:

DD News

DD News is the best news divert in India. It keeps running as per the Prasar Bharti Act. So in opposition to a famous view DD News don't confront government intercession and dissimilar to Zee News they don't fill in as a publicity channel for a specific political gathering. I have been watching journalists like Neelam Sharma, Mark Lynn and so forth since I was a child, and they are as yet working and working route superior to anything their counterparts from alternate news channels.  

Mirror Now

Mirror Now yet being a backup of Times gathering, is superior to its different items. The sole reason is Faye D'souza. Her discussions are as balanced and delightfully created as Faye D'souza herself.
Mirror now demonstrates the simple fundamental news that is identified with the "working class" area of the general public. Not at all like Times Now, Mirror Now adheres to the essential and provide food things great. You wish to watch a normal discussion without harming your ear-drums? 

"All the best"