What are the types of APIs in Salesforce?

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Linnea Ellery asked 25-Jan-2018 in SalesForce by Linnea Ellery

What are the types of APIs in Salesforce?

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Tarun Gautam answered 29-Jan-2018 by Tarun Gautam

Salesforce provides programmatic access for our organization’s information, by using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces.

We have listed the different types of Salesforce APIs below:

REST API: This API is used to Access Objects of our Salesforce organization. This is an ideal API for developing mobile applications or external clients.

SOAP API: This API is used to integrate Force.com applications that can create, retrieve, update and delete records which are managed by Salesforce, Force.com, and Database.com. And the records are Accounts, Leads, and custom objects.

Tooling API: This API is used to build custom development tools for force.com applications. It is designed to support the entire development lifecycle, including design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Bulk API: This API is useful for handling a large number of records. We can use it to query, insert, update, upsert, and delete a large number of records asynchronously by submitting batches that Salesforce processes in the background.

Metadata API: This API is used to manage build tools and manage customizations. It provides a powerful mechanism for controlling logic, presentation, and configuration information for Force.com applications.

Streaming API: This API provides a stream of data reflecting data changes in our Salesforce organization. This API exposes a near real-time stream of data from the Force.com platform.

Chatter REST API: This API is used to integrate mobile apps, intranet sites and third-party web applications with Salesforce. And also it is used to display Salesforce data, especially in mobile applications. Chatter Rest API is similar to APIs offered by other companies with feeds, like Facebook and Twitter.

Wave Analytics REST API: This API is used to access Wave analytics datasets programmatically by using this API.

Apex REST API: This API is used to build our own REST API in APEX and it exposes Apex Classes as RESTful web services. It is simple and lightweight API to access Force.com data by using standard OAuth, together with a choice of data flavors – XML and JSON. It is configured to suit the basic CRUD operations of data management.

Apex SOAP API: This API is used for creating custom SOAP web service, and it exposes Apex Classes as SOAP web service.

User Permissions Needed:

API Name


Data Format


Chatter REST API REST  JSON, XML Synchronous (photos are processed asynchronously)
Analytics REST API REST   JSON, XML Synchronous
Bulk API REST  CSV, JSON, XML Asynchronous
Metadata API SOAP (WSDL) XML  Asynchronous
Streaming API  Bayeux JSON  Asynchronous (stream of data)
Apex REST API REST JSON, XML, Custom Synchronous
Apex SOAP API SOAP (WSDL) XML  Synchronous
Tooling API REST or SOAP (WSDL) JSON, XML, Custom Synchronous