What are the Sandboxes in Salesforce?

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What are the Sandboxes in Salesforce?

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Salesforce provides the facility to create multiple copies of the organization in a different environment for the different types of purposes, like training and testing, without the data and application adjustment in our production organization. And these multiple copies are known as Sandboxes and are closely identical to your Salesforce organization. In Salesforce there are 3 types of Sandboxes, these are, Developer Sandbox, Configuration Only Sandbox, and Full Sandbox. Below I have given a short description of all the 3 Sandboxes.

Salesforce Editions is the sum of all the Sandboxes. Salesforce Editions are the pack of features of the organization and sandboxes, which are the outlying copies of the production box. And also in Sandboxes Testing and Coding can be performed.

Types of Sandboxes:

  • Developer Sandbox: This is a special type of configuration only Sandbox. For a single developer, it is expected for testing and coding.
  • Configuration Only Sandbox: This sandbox only contains schemas and some data from the production box, that means it has Reports, Objects, Documents, Attachments, and Dashboards. And also it takes 500 MB data limit.
  • Full Sandbox: This sandbox is the same copy of the data and schema of our production environment. And the Full Sandbox having the same data limit like production box.