What folders are important in the android project?

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What folders are important in the android project?

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An important folder in Android Project:
If you are working on any Android project using android studio IDE then these are some important folder in your android studio project.
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • build.gradle (Gradle Script)
  • bin
  • java
  • res
  • assets
What folders are important in the android project?

AndroidManifest.xml – 
It is the root directory of any android project and it kept all essential information about the application or project and it describes the nature of the application and its components. And it also provides a protection to your Android app.

build.gradle (Gradle Scripts)-
Provide some important instruction about UI component. Generally, the android studio uses Gradle Scripts to provide instruction and eclipse uses build.XML file.

bin – It contain output directory of the project where compiler will place the final packaged .

java – It contain all java source code files or the Activity file.

res – It contains drawable files, layout files, and string values that contain different images, icon and all XML configuration files which are separate from source code. It has also contained sub-folders as per type of resources uses in our project.

assets–  It contain a different type of files and directories for storing raw asset files like HTML files or other files that are used in our project and compiled it into an .apk file.