Who has the most patents in the world?

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Who has the most patents in the world?

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Patent aggregators hold the most noteworthy number of licenses on Earth. Some patent aggregators hold upwards of 60,000 licenses or more.

Likewise generally alluded to as 'patent trolls,' patent aggregators purchase up licenses from vendors, from innovators, and from organizations everywhere throughout the world. They purchase licenses that are going to terminate. They purchase licenses that have been surrendered. They even purchase licenses that don't bode well from an innovation point of view.
Regularly, patent aggregators will utilize the licenses they claim to debilitate small to medium-sized organizations with encroachment claims. They'll do this notwithstanding when they know they'll lose on the off chance that it goes to court. They depend on small organizations to settle as opposed to ingest the lawful expenses to battle the suit.

We kept running into a patent aggregator once who attempted to sue our organization since we possess a duplicate machine that we use to check an archive and send it electronically to an email address. The majority of the present copiers have this component and the place you work most likely claims more than one of them.

For this situation, the patent aggregator recorded a claim since they possess a patent that depicts this procedure of filtering and messaging an archive. It didn't make a difference that the maker of the duplicate machine that we claim likewise had a patent on the innovation. That would be a fight to battle in court, and the aggregator doesn't expect to go to court. They're searching for little organizations to settle out of court.

Along these lines, to answer your inquiry, patent aggregators are associations who possess the most licenses.