How the fire was discovered?

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How the fire was discovered?

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Discovery of fire is considered as one of the greatest discovery in the human history because without fire human life cannot be even imagined.

At that time the primitive man feared and got afraid that gradually taught him to use it and in the beginning, if there were some cemeteries, then the humans used to live in them. Otherwise, they would make a shelter for themselves among the branches of big trees.

They had the fear of two things- the seasons and wild animals. Etc. The humans did not know why the cloud roams or why the light shines. And, when the reason for something is unclear, the man is afraid of it. Tigers, lions, cheetahs, elephants, and rhinos used to roam around the forest.

How the fire was discovered?

Humans were weak compared to these animals, so they had to either hide themselves in caves and paws or have to kill them with their own unlimited weapons. But the best way to protect these animals was to fire at the night when all the animals went to the cave, then the fire was lit on the mouth of the cave. Fear of fire restricted the animals come within the animal cave. In the winter, fire in the stormy nights only provided comfort and protection to them.

How the fire was discovered?

Another method to generate was the simplest and popular method of producing fire from friction, it is to rub wooden rods on wooden bars and this method was also practiced in ancient India. This instrument was also called Arani, which was also prevalent in other countries of India like Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Australia and South Africa.

The invention of matchstick since 1830, the method of igniting the fire had come and today there is a great use of fire in human life. If there is no fire then human life is not so simple and as the population grew.

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