How to change user permissions in Salesforce?

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Pedro Araez asked 20-Jan-2018 in SalesForce by Pedro Araez

How to change user permissions in Salesforce?

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In Salesforce, we can set User Permissions from two locations which are specified in Profiles and Permission Sets. To do changes or what to use them effectively then, it is required to understand the differences between Profiles and Permission Sets.

User Permissions are available in both the versions of Salesforce that are Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. And also the available permissions/settings vary according to the Salesforce edition you have.
Now, Permission sets are available for Developer, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Essentials, Contact Manager, Group, Performance, and Editions. User Permissions determines that what the users can do within an organization.

Salesforce user is assigned only one profile and also have multiple permission sets, with conclusive access to your user’s profile to assign the minimum permissions and access settings for specific groups of users. After use permission sets to grant more permissions as needed.

There is a table that shows the types of permissions settings which is specified in profiles:

Permission or Setting Type

In Profiles? 

In Permission Sets?

Assigned apps true true
Object permissions true true
Tab settings true true
Field permissions  true true
Record type assignments true true
User permissions (app and system) true true
Page layout assignments true
Apex class access true true
Visualforce page access true true
External data source access true true
Desktop client access true
Service provider access (if Salesforce is enabled as an identity provider) true true
Login IP ranges true
Login hours true
Custom permissions true true

You can change User Permissions from user’s Profile level but not a user-specific level. To change the User Permissions you need to go with Enterprise Edition or above.

Steps to change the User Permissions:

  1. Go to “Setup”.
  2. Select “Profiles”, that is located under “Administer” > “Manage Users”.
  3. Edit the profile for the given User.
  4. Now, Check the boxes you specified and save changes.