Who were the first historians?

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Who were the first historians?

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Not only did the Ancient Greeks create Western philosophy, but they also created the genre of historical writing. Although major facts were documented long before the Ancient Greeks, Greek philosophers were the first ones to write what we would now regard as an objective, thorough description of events.

A historian is someone who researches and talks about history and is considered an expert on the subject. Historians are interested in the continual, meticulous storytelling and research of previous events as they relate to humanity and the analysis of all events in time. A prehistoric historian is someone interested in events that occurred before known records. Some historians have risen to prominence as a result of their publications, and also their experience and education. At the end of the 19th century, when academic institutions arose in Germany and elsewhere, 'historians' became formal employment.

Herodotus was an old Greek author, navigator, and philosopher who was born in the Persian Empire's Greek city of Halicarnassus (now Bodrum, Turkey). He is well known for his work The Histories, which chronicles the Greco-Persian Wars in detail. Herodotus was the first author to conduct a thorough examination of past events. He is known as 'The Father of History,' a name bestowed upon him by Cicero, an old Roman debater.