What's the difference between psychology and spirityality?

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What's the difference between psychology and spirityality?

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difference between psychology and spirituality!!!

As there is not much dissimilarity but they are different from one another on different basis. There are some of the differences between psychology and spirituality are as follows:
  • Spirituality comes from a person’s inner faith convictions where as psychology outward observance of that person’s faith.
  • • Spirituality is inner experience of a person which cannot be share easily where as Psychology is outer experience as it is easily shared with any one
  • • Spirituality posits a courage at the epicenter of mental activity where as Psychology posits a soul at the epicenter of mental activity.
  • • Psychology is a science because it is the science of human behaviour and cognition. As a science, it is dependent upon the testing of ideas through experimentation whereas Spirituality is only related to belief and thinking there is no scientific clause behind spiritual things.
  • • Psychology is observable phenomenon whereas Spirituality completely private, non-observable phenomenon.
  • • Psychology is like the study of disease whereas spirituality is like practicing wellness of mankind.
  • • Psychology creates the perception in mind of one whereas Spirituality leads to think only outer appearance of the person.
  • • Psychology shows the mentality of the person whereas Spirituality helps to create a view about person either good or bad.
  • • Psychology is about understanding and predicting people’s behaviour where spirituality not allow to understand others.
  • • Psychology is based on one’s own personal beliefs and feelings may have nothing or little to do with objective evidence whereas Spirituality may help people understand the Universe.

Hope You Understood!!!