Who is the first Nobel Prize winner in India?

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Who is the first Nobel Prize winner in India?

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Uttam Misra answered 25-Jan-2018 by Uttam Misra

First Indian who was awarded by Nobel Prize is RAVINDRANATH TAGORE also called GURUDEV. In 1913 for the unforgettable work of “Geetanjali Rabindranath Tagore was honored with Nobel Prize as well as became the first Indian to achieve this honor.  He was a great Poet, Philosopher, Writer and Painter.  The year 1861 on 7th of May in Kolkata, gave India a precious gemstone Rabindranath Tagore. His father Devendranath Tagore was a renowned advocate and wanted his son to be a famous advocate. So his father send him to London, but Rabindranath had no interest in the studies of advocacy therefore he left his course incomplete and did not get the degree and came back to India.

Who is the first Nobel Prize winner in India? At the age of 8 he wrote his first poem, He was a great thinker and a social worker. He was a lover of Nature and wanted that children should learn by the nature and with the nature. Therefore he founded Shantiniketan for natural education of students. Shantiniketan was the dream of Gurudev which came true in 1901. After many efforts of Gurudev, Shantiniketan become university having campuses full of greenery and big library enriched with books of literature and arts.
Gurudev had excellent command on Hindi and Bangla. His most of the works are in these two languages. His Nobel Prize winner Geetanjali is in Bengali language published in 1910 having 104 pages is a collection of poems based on devotion. National Anthem of India the “JAN GAN MAN” and Bangladesh’s the “AAMAR SONAAR BANGLA” is a priceless gift of Rabindranath Tagore to these countries. Gurudev is not present among us today but he is always alive in our hearts and lives by his incredible and immortal work.

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