Who is the missile woman of India?

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Who is the missile woman of India?

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The missile woman of India is the lady who is the principle Scientist and the Project Director for the Agni-V project of India. She also has played a key role in the development of Agni-V. she is also called sometimes as Agniputri, i.e. one born of fire, for the missiles she has developed.

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Well… She is none other than… Dr. Tessy Thomas
Who is the missile woman of India?
Yes, Dr Tessy Thomas, is known as the Missile woman of India. She has completed her B. Tech from Thrissur Engineering College, Calicut s and is an expert on all solid propellants systems.
Initially her career was started working in DRDO under the leadership and guidance of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
She also has earned an M.Tech from the Institute of Armament Technology , Pune in Guided Missile which is currently known as the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology.
She was born at Alappuzha in Kerala in the year 1964. His father was a small-businessman and mother a home-maker. Due the reason she has his house near a rocket launching station, she always lived in a fascinated life with rockets and missiles
Her husband Mr. Saroj Kumar, is a commodore in the Indian Navy.

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