Which was cricket's biggest controversy?

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Chirag agarwal asked 17-Jan-2018 in Entertainment & Arts by Chirag agarwal

Which was cricket's biggest controversy?

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Vishal Kesarwani answered 01-Feb-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani
From match fixing to fights on the field from sledging to bodyline incident, there are so many controversies that took place in cricket. So as the list is very long I am just picking one controversy which was one of the biggest controversies and was something which comes against the sportsman spirit.  
The underarm bowling incident of 1981

On 1st February in 1981 when Australia was playing against New Zealand in One Day International cricket match which was the 3rd match in the five-match Benson & Hedges World Series cup. New Zealand needed six runs on the last ball to tie the match but Australian captain Greg Chappell ask the bowler to bowl an underarm delivery which was legal that time but was against the sportsman spirit than to the bowler bowled an underarm delivery because of which batsman was unable to hit any run on the last ball. 

Watch this:

The anger was very clearly seen on the face of New Zealand batsmen’s as they through the way their bats on the ground and walked away from the ground.

List of other controversies:
  • Ball-tampering allegations on Faf Du Plessis
  • James Anderson's comment on Kohli
  • Ball tampering allegation on Sahid Afridi
  • Match-fixing in 1999
  • Pakistan player been ban in IPL
TarunGautam commented 01-Feb-2018 by TarunGautam
What a match it was! First time I have seen this type of cricket.