In which year Filmfare awards started?

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 In which year Filmfare awards started?

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 In which year Filmfare awards started?

The Filmfare Awards ceremony is one of the oldest and most important events in the history of Indian cinema. It was first started in 1954 when the National Film Award was also established. The award is given every year, on the basis of both the opinion of the people and the views of the jury members.

It was started in 1953 by the voters voted on popular actors and actresses in Filmfare magazine when about 20,000 readers participated in it. In the first awards ceremony held on 21st March 1954, only five awards were given, in which 'Do beegha zameen' for Best Film, Bimal Roy (Two Bigha Zameen) for Best Director, Dilip Kumar (Dag) for Best Actor(male), Best Actress Meena Kumari (Baiju Bawra), and Naushad were given the prize for best music in this film.

Now the number of awards has increased to 31. Apart from this, 'Critics Award' is also given, in whose judgment the viewer is not included, the critics of the films are critical.

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