Which is the first Indian sound film?

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Which is the first Indian sound film?

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Alam Ara's performance (release) took place on March 14, 1931. It was directed by Ardeshir Irani, Master Vittal played the hero of the film, and the heroine was Zubaida. Prithviraj Kapoor also had an important role in the film. 
Which is the first Indian sound film?
AlamAra is the love story of a prince and a banjaaran girl. It was based on a Parsi drama written by Joseph David. Joseph David later worked as an author in the Irani's film company. The story of the film is based on a fictional, historical royal family of Kumarapur city. This film was made by Ardeshir watching an English film 'Show Boat'.
To work in Alam Ara, Master Vitthal also broke his agreement with Sharada Studios. The studio later also dragged the actor into court and the barrister who had saved Master Vithal was none other than Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Jinnah made a very effective defence of Vithal’s right to star in Alam Ara and ensured that Irani got the hero he wanted for his landmark film.
Main artists of this movie:
Master Vittal - Rajkumar
Zubeida-Alam Ara
Wazir Mohammad Khan - Fakir
Prithviraj Kapoor
Despite all the problems arising from being the first talk film, Ardeshir Irani completed the film in four months. Overall, there was a cost of forty thousand rupees. Finally, on March 14, 1931, it was shown in the Majestic Cinema, that day became a golden page of cinematic history. This was India's first speaking film which announced the end of the silent films era. The film 'Alam Ara', which came 18 years after Dada Saheb Phalke's film 'Raja Harishchandra', set a benchmark for hit films because it was the first step in this context in Indian cinema.
Its music was given by the Firozshah Mistry. Torn sound technology was used to give voice in that time. It is said about the songs of the film that its tunes were selected by the Iranian. Unfortunately, the songs of this film could not be recorded. There are seven songs in the film.
Irani and his unit Imperial Studios imported the tannor single system camera from abroad. At the same time, while the Ardarsir Ali was making Alam Ara, companies like Krishna Movietone and Madan Theaters were also trying to make a film with sound.
Irani wanted to finish shooting 'Alam Ara' as soon as possible so that his film would become India's first speaking movie.
Producer and director of Alam Ara, Ardeshir Irani mentioning the difficulties in making this movie, once said that there was no sound-proof stage in that era. He said that our studio was near a railway line, so mostly the shooting had to be done in the night, when the movements of rails were less. Then they had the only one recording device 'Toner Recording System', which was used for the recording of this film. They did not even have a boom mic, so the microphone was kept hidden from the camera's range of strange odd places. Alam Ara, built between all these difficulties, opened the door of a new era for the coming era and then Indian cinema never looked back.

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