Which player most run in ODI cricket?

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Which player most run in ODI cricket?

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ODI Cricket!

Which player most run in ODI cricket?

Well, I feel the line of hunger…that’s what separates the great player from the rest… and the crunch moments can be seen by their breath-taking performance…

The time of massive expectation that the crowd has with you definitely multiplies your pressure by many-folds… thus, people stare you with those eagled-eye that you would pull the entire team from the troubled water.

Therefore, having an outstanding performance in the tournaments is a Herculean task to be accomplished, a sigh of astounding pride…

And thus, great performances are been entitled to the golden words in the game’s history forever…

Perhaps the reason for these spectacular players to bear this pressure remarkably and get themselves feed in the murmuring prayers forever…

So reliving the achievement of one such player who is been the gathering the maximum run in the ODI cricket is…

Sachin Tendulkar:

Which player most run in ODI cricket?

The man, who walked with the weight of Indian Cricket Team over his shoulders… since 24 years.

Showed his number in 40 tournaments finals from 1991 to 2011. Letting his trail moving ahead with his great milestones that, he had achieved, he was the leading scorer in the 50 over format game and bashed with the score of 1,851 out of his 18,426 runs which displayed his collection of runs in 39 title-deciding innings at an enviable average of 54.44

Sachin Tendulkar, who has held the record of maximum centuries in International Cricket including the list of top scored finales.

In the year of 2009, in the Compaq Cup Finals against Sri Lanka at Colombo, the king of cricket subtly named the victory to India by scoring 138 off 133 and won the match by scoring 46 runs.