How did the British colonize India?

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How did the British colonize India?

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British Colonialism! 

How did the British colonize India?

Well, noting down the history of how Brits Colonized India… Here you go with the trail of facts mentioned in a sequence for your proper understanding:

Brits came to India in the year of 1600s, during the rule of Jehangir as it was referred to be a stronger nation then. Thus, the Brits have to be contended to be a trader. However, the invasion of India in the year of 1738 by Nadir Shah, has turned the picture completely after the defeat of the Mughals which signaled the weakness of India. Thereafter, the East Indian Company took over the latch and ruled over the weakness as the time was the key for them.

How did the British colonize India?

India had a lot of infighting. For example, Tipu Sultan, who offered fierce protection against the Brits was undermined by our own rulers (Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas) who encompassed the Mysore kingdom when British assaulted him. The Marathas appropriately paid the cost for the fellowship with the villain with the Anglo-Maratha war in which they were seriously crushed.

The Brits troops with their cleverness prepared well-organized strategies and tactics on the field of war

How did the British colonize India?

The events kept on taking, French Revolution, later the defeat of Napolean in the year of 1815, abstracted the French from escalating their control over the nation India. Thus, the Brits used this tenure for kicking out the colonial powers out of India other than themselves.

By the time of 18th Century, India faced an immense crisis as the rule of Aurangzeb was over the peak which was a bitter phase all-together for Non-Muslims as they were tired of Islamic Rule. Hence, the rise of Hindu Kings came into existence. Taken over the floor of politics by the Brits and they implemented the Divide & Rule Policy for enlarging their divisions.

At that time India was not known for its navy unlike Japan or Britain, as we were incapable to build up strong naval forces. Thus, this turned on the Brits to build up the critical ports of India and the expansion started from there.

How did the British colonize India?

Britain, entered the age of Industrial Revolution in the year of 1750 while the Indian Empire was weakened and the economy became the power of Brits in the age of Industrial Revolution.

And at last, the victory is ours after all!