Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

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Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

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Travel to Europe!

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

A covet for your trip to Europe has been fulfilled… Yay! As you have completed your task of getting a good deal for reaching this heavenly place for roaming… with your footwear hanging over your hand, walking barefoot on the streets of Europe…

But what’s next..?

You might be here for a week or two or maybe for the entire month that you took off from your unstoppable schedule… to just peep in each nook of Europe which you have dreamt of checking out… But it would just not make your desire contented… Even though you would… but think about it you are lacking off with your unlimited budget… Then how you really would hit on the map of Europe, what all you need to visit through or what you just wanna skip off your trip? After all, this place is renowned for its culture… remarkable museums to hold on the experiences and the world famous sites that would stun you! And I guess this would surely shake your pockets up…! Right?

 Well! To this, I would not agree upon… which is alas a commoner’s perception! The best of this continent is that, that it offers a free and accessible treat for all… :)

For that, you need to gauge your smartness… ;)

So, to help you out with this, I have few of the ways that would help you to explore the world of Europe, without even running out of your budget!

The very first step you need to go ahead with is to download a Self-Guided Audio Tour…

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

Your first step into this place may be full of daunting… thus you need someone who could just hold your hand up tightly and you get accompanied… which is fulfilled by your audio tours… this would be a companion that would listen and according to your plans… isn’t it exciting! Well, I am as it’s available free for me… and you too… ;) The only thing you need to take care of is that you download this map on your phone and get going plugging in your earphones and start roaming! The tour would act as your personal guide for the town… and would guide you through the alluring places of the town! A good tour would equip you with the history of that place and also the present… Well, my personal choice is Rick Steves’ audio tours which made my tour of Italy occupied with fun and adventure… He has the tour of all the charismatic places in Italy and his style of fusion with the history and the stories about the spots was been described fabulously. He even spotted to the way for my love… that’s coffee so places with interesting restaurants, café, and shops that, I was lingering nearby too…

Now, here comes a second thing that you need to think off is to…

Grab a free walking tour…

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

If you are kind, who always need someone to hang on with, then I guess this would be a perfect company for you my friend for getting introduced to places and your other fellow companions. You will find such bunch in most of the cities, but it would be completely your choice to which place you are interested in to visit and thus you can register for that tour. I signed up for Sandeman’s walking tours for roaming in and out in Paris with their astounding experiences. After encountering with my guide, who was a local Parisian… she took me for a walk to the “Heart of Paris”, after a quick introduction. Her fanatic experiences were forming the trail of my trip more memorable…

Though, it’s advertised for free… but you could definitely contribute if you enjoyed the tour. Most people contribute an amount of €5 to 10.

Have a walk up to the Highest Landmark in the City…

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

A panoramic view of the Sun would allure you with an intense feeling of been in love… which you would not be able to forget in your entire time of your life… It would be a perfect picture for the day, without getting impede by the other details. Again a free treat for us..! Climb up to a tower or a church bell for some outstanding view to bag your photo album with some good snaps. A better time is early in the morning when a light is at its beauty with a softer kiss on your skin and will beat the tourist hysteria.

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

One of the places that, I know is the best place for absorbing the essence of Paris in a 360-degree view and that is the Duomo in Florence… but there you would be charged a fee of €15 which is in personal my reason for dropping the idea to visit that place, so I took bus for instead to San Miniato al Monte Basilica where, I enjoyed one of the most breathtaking sight counted in Florence, out of which crowd and the ticket can be subtracted and the time.

Count on the free Museum Visits and definitely do give a chance to the alternatives…

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

Starting off with this count, the visit to the museum which includes the magnificent Louvre in Paris, Rijks Museum in the Netherlands, the world famous Uffizi Museum in Florence, last but not the least you just cannot stop exploring other museums of Europe for bagging those fanatic experiences. Unfortunately, the most famous museums are been charged with a fee and a bigger crowd, here you can choose up to an alternative for fulfilling your sight or treating on your eyes, many such museums are not charging any of the entrance fees and thus would give the similar lure for the sight without a chaotic ambiance.

One of my personal best is Petit Palais, a house for the fine arts and its beautiful collections. Guess what… entry is absolutely free of cost!

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

It still you have an appetite for big names… catch hold of them over the websites of a museum. Some might have a free entry over the certain day of a month or a week, you can consider an example of Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum which charges € 16 but it organized a free visit for the folks like us on Sunday morning of each month.

Last but not the least don’t you dare forget this magnificent part of your trip is to attend Cultural Events, Festivals and Special Nights…

Note down the free hacks for taking the essence of the Europe Beauty.

Breathe your life big… with this loud and colorful night circumventing you… these fairs, markets, event, and festivals are the perfect location for interacting with the locals to peep into how they celebrate stuff. Have a check over the schedules for the upcoming free events for that keep an eye over the tourism websites and go through few of the blogs that would equip you with the knowledge about what you need to expect out of that. Well! This would surely fly you up by the mad energy of European Festival around you.

Walking by the side of the green veggies and fruits just made my experience more alluring every morning when I just pass by the bohemian Campo de’ Fiori piazza in Rome. This is the place where I just pick up few of the bananas and strawberries before the sun welcomes the night. I just love the way how these local grocers would engage me in the conversation for uttering few of the tips!

Concluding my experience with these real hacks that, I picked up on my most recent trip to Paris and Italy, which helped me explore more about Europe without pushing out of my budget…