Does Facebook support live 360-degree video?

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Does Facebook support live 360-degree video?

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Yes, Facebook support live 360 streaming but it requires compatible gadgets to go live on Facebook in 360-degree mode.  For a better experience of going live in 360 degree
Does Facebook support live 360-degree video?

you need some high-end devices such as latest Samsung Gear 360, Giroptic IO, Insta360 and Allie Facebooks 360 degree streaming also supports Nokia Ozo and professional grade Z Cam s1.
Does Facebook support live 360-degree video?

However, if you are having any of these additional devices you can still stream a live 360-degree video simply going to the available options given on Facebook. The additional high-end devices are just to enhance the users' experience in a 360-degree live stream.
This is how a live 360-degree streaming looks like:

Boundless streaming  
It really doesn’t matter whether you are streaming individually, from a Facebook or you are live with a group of people. The broadcasting experience is literally same in all cases.+

Things to keep in mind before live streaming on Facebook
  • For a better experience, you will require internet speed of around 4mbps.
  • You can go live for four hours maximum with a resolution of 1080p.
  • If you want to provide visibility hold the device properly you can even use a tripod stand to for the best experience. 
  • If you are targeting a particular place or any object for you viewers then maintain a decent distance from the device. 
'Live Streaming is really exciting and it gets more exciting when you do it with proper setup'