What are some ways to increase smartphone battery life?

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What are some ways to increase smartphone battery life?

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Many smartphones don’t offer a long battery backup and while it has been a nuisance for some time, for maintaining a stable battery life one should keep his phones brightness at 50% or if you are comfortable you can reduce it to 20%.

Don’t enable you’re GPS all the time enable it when it’s necessary. Install a proper application which clears up all the junks available junks from and use that application to remove junks at-least once in a day. Try to disable your mobile if you are not using internet that time it also helps in hiking up the battery performance. 

Sometimes a phone’s battery refuses to charge, even once it's connected to a correct association. If you are sure there is no issue in the switchboard or a cable then the foremost common issue is that the metallic surface within the USB port isn't creating correct contact with the micro-USB charger.

You would like a gentle hand for this one. Notice a strip or another sharp object. Then open up your device and take away the battery if you've got the choice. Next, use the strip to gently raise the metal block within the port.