Which one is better, a 70K private job or a 40K government job

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Anonymous User asked 02-Jan-2018 in Jobs & Education by Anonymous User

Which one is better, a 70K private job or a 40K government job

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Ayush Agrawal answered 22-Jan-2018 by Ayush Agrawal

It all depends upon the your current state and expected future state.

If we critically analyse both the scenarios:-

  • Job security- Government job would provide job security as opposed to Private job
  • Job Creativity- A private job would ensure that all your creativity is utilized while handling all the tasks. Government job on the other hand involves same monotonous kind of work that require less creativity.
  • Social status- In Indian society, A government job is valued more over an MNC job regardless of your work. A government job of a clerk is valued more especially in the Semi-Urban and Rural Areas over the CEO of an MNC.
  • Growth and Promotions- Private job offer more career growth opportunities than Government Jobs as promotions majorly depend upon the quality of work rather than other factors.
  • Incentives and Perks- Private job remuneration is quite restricted to the CTC while Government job would ensure a wide array of benefits and perks.
  • Work-Life balance- Government job offers the best work Life balance when compared to any other job.
  • Savings- Even with low salary in government job, you would be able to save more as the expenses would be low.

hence, in all respects Government Job wins, hands down. However, the decision is to be taken carefully.

A private job would ensure that you have to slog and work hard while constantly learning and updating skills which would eventually make you quite agile. This means you are more employable even after retirement.

Government job on the other hand, would no doubt provide you with the best facilities and perks excluding the salary but also makes you quite laid-back.