Any tips to grow healthy and long hair?

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Any tips to grow healthy and long hair?

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 tips to grow healthy and long hair!!!

Any tips to grow healthy and long hair?

Hair is one of the important part of body either girl or boy as your look depends on the style of your hair. Growing your hair out can be a frustrating process as it takes long time to grow. If you want your new look overnight then you'll have to allow time if you want to properly protect your hair otherwise it got damaged. Hair will grow out more naturally when your hair stays healthy and strong. Always to be patient with hairs on an average, hair grows approximately six inches a year. While you can fast your growth by protecting your hair from damage then time will always be the important factor in growing it out. 

There are some of the tips to grown healthy and long hair are as follows:

1. Wash your hair less:
Always wash your hair lesser as it eliminates the naturally produced oils when you rub shampoo in your hair it ends the moisturizer of oils in your scalp. As shampoo contains processed chemicals which break down hair and prevent it from growing out in a healthy fashion. Take one example, If you obsessively washing your hands, the more you wash the drier and more cracked they become. But you don’t need to stop entirely washing your hair start by washing every other day after that every third day as it is recommended to solidifying good hair health.

2. Properly shampoo:
Don’t damage your hair while washing it. Clean your scalp properly by shampoo but careful not to scrub the ends of your hair. When you rinse, carefully clean your ends as soap will slide down. Always try to stick on a particular product which suits you better don’t change your shampoo so often.

3. Apply conditioner after shampoo:
For better result of shampoo use conditioner after shampoo as it replenish lost lipids and proteins. This will help to holds the cuticle at the hair end as it prevents future damage and let your hair healthy and strong for long period.

4. Comb your hair carefully and timely:
Don’t comb your hairs so aggressively as it is pull your hairs out from scalp. When your hair is wet it is more vulnerable and it will put more physical stress on your hair fiber. Try to use a wide tooth comb and start brushing from lower part rather than top as it prevents from breakage.
5. Apply an oil treatment at your hair:
There are different types of oil treatments are available which improve your hair health. You can easily buy from local health or vitamin store. Use coconut oil for oiling your hair as it contains large amount of Vitamin E which helpful in strengthens your roots by improving your body’s circulation. It will make hair silky and shinier.

6. Over and above the drink more waters:
The more water you drink it reflects in your healthy skin and hair because drinking more water will flush out toxins from your body but lack of water will dry your hairs and healthy growth of the hair will be prevented.
Hope this will help you!!!